Linking to our topic in the Summer Term, Dig for Victory and learning how people lived without a fridge, freezer or supermarket, Year 4 have been discussing how it is that today we can have non-seasonal fruit and vegetables all year round. This led to a discussion about greenhouses and their use, how they help plants to grow, and also a little about their history.

We have found out that many goods grown abroad are flown to the UK to put on supermarket shelves, but also how commercial greenhouses keep us stocked up with our favourite fruits and vegetables all year round. Did you know that a type of greenhouse has been around since Roman times, when the emperor Tiberius demanded that cucumber be available for his table every day of the year?

The children have designed their own mini-greenhouses and made models of them. We have used lolly sticks or Jelutong for the frame, cling film, acetate or plastic sheeting for the windows. Some of our designs have an opening for ventilation.

We have been measuring, sawing, glueing and learning about ways to strengthen our frames, and hope you like our designs.